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Prince Edward Island Mathematics Curriculum

Knowing how to correctly measure objects and quickly convert between measurement units is a seriously helpful skill for everyday life. But our educational games are fun, not serious! They help kids enjoy developing their math skills both inside and outside the classroom.

Math Games’ free educational tools promote learning through play, and students can use them to:

  • Evaluate and measure basic properties of objects (weight, size, capacity)
  • Work with metric and customary units, and convert between them
  • Perform calculations with metric and customary units
  • Apply their knowledge of measurement to real-world situations, such as understanding recipe quantities or converting temperatures between Celsius and Fahrenheit

Our games are customized to meet the needs of a wide range of learners, and we also supply tons of other useful pedagogical resources (a digital textbook, printable worksheets, apps, reports on student progress). Explore our site to check them out!